The qualities of a reliable best dedicated server hosting provider

A website is a must-have asset for any business or individual who hopes to create some online presence. It is a virtual window display where you can advertise your products or services for your target consumers to view. To keep a website running successfully online, you need to host it in a server. There are many types of such services for example the best dedicated server hosting provider.
best dedicated server hosting

Best Dedicated Server hosting provider basics

This is where a server is dedicated to one website for a single organization or individual client. Dedicated hosting can be set up in-house at your business premises or remotely in a data center. There are many companies offering this service all over the world. Are you looking for some website hosting? Here are the qualities of the best dedicated server hosting provider.

High quality customer support

Just like any other technological product, a website can develop some technical difficulties leading to a reduction in service. These require immediate attention so as to get the site back up and running. The best dedicated server hosting provider can respond to you as soon as you contact them about any difficulties with your site. They are available day and night to provide you with reliable customer service. You may also want to simply upgrade your website hosting. In such a case, their client care service can help you accomplish your goal as quickly as possible so as to guarantee business or brand continuity. As such, reliable customer service is one of the main qualities of the best dedicated server hosting provider.

Customizable features and easy to use technology

Are you a large scale business searching for some hosting? Do you handle tremendous website traffic one daily basis? In such a case, dedicated website hosting is perfect for you. That’s because it can provide the level of server customization that you desire and deliver procedures of maintenance that are easy to use. The bestdedicated hosting provider ensures both for you.

They can provide you with the latest, most effective tools of web-building. In addition to that, they will give you full access to all new updates as soon as they are released and the hardware components which are required to run them. As such, a reliable best dedicated server hosting provider can deliver complete customization and their services are easy to use.

They are dependable

One of the most important characteristics to guaranteed in a website is up-time. To capture the attention of many Internet users, a website should be up and running 24/7. It is the responsibility of your hosting provided to ensure this. As such, the best dedicated server hosting provider ensures dependable, constant up-time. They maintain the hardware and software resources which are necessary to keep your website running. In this way, you never miss a second of Internet-presence.

Secure hosting

It is very important to ensure that your website is secure. There are threats such as hackers and malware which can infect your website and disable it. The best dedicated server hosting provider mitigates against these threats.

They apply the latest security procedures and assess hardware and software to analyze its reliability before using them to host your site. Not only do they perform monitoring on a real time basis, they also provide backup services to keep your site running in case of a breach. In this way, reliable dedicated hosting companies have you covered.


Whenever you are searching for some dedicated hosting, it is always important to hire the right company to do this for you. The characteristics of the best dedicated server hosting provider are indicated above. By using these tips, you can sift through the hosting providers available today and make the right choice.

Top 10 dedicated servers Provider

1. BlueAngelHost.Com

blueangelhost review

BlueAngelHost is our top recommendation for Offshore Dedicated Servers. They are offering servers from Bulgaria location, completely dmca ignored dedicated server, great up time, good prices, 24x7x365 support.

2. Hostkey.Com


HostKey is providing servers from Russia and Netherlands location and have wide range of servers available both for small websites and for high traffic websites.



CCIHosting is another DMCA ignored hosting provider located in Panama city.


abelohost review
AbeloHost is providing dedicated servers from Netherlands which is good location but not truly DMCA ignored anymore, we suggest to contact Abelohost before hosting any copyright content or else your content can be taken down by Dutch courts.

Below mentioned Dedicated server providers are not offshore but they are good


hostwinds review