Features to Consider Before Choosing The Best Shared Hosting Provider

Today we’ll talk about the best shared hosting provider module and how to get the best one.

Shared hosting module

A shared hosting platform is a hosting service where all sites are contained on one single server. In this setup, all the sites hosted on the server share the same resources i.e. the ram, the security features, and storage space. This is system is ideal for novices or person with sites that do not require a lot of customization with an average resource requirement and site visits. In choosing the best shared hosting provider there are certain facts that one needs to consider.

Best Shared Hosting Provider

Features to consider in choosing the best shared hosting provider

1. User friendliness

The assumption is that if you’re choosing a shared hosting service you are not fully acquainted with hosting. Therefore, you would want a user-friendly service because from time to time you will need to personally customize the service to your own needs. For this purpose, service providers have taken to including customer control panels on their interfaces. In choosing a provider, ensure that their control panel is easy to use and handy enough to cater for your needs.

2. Cost

Shared hosting always comes with two cost components. The first component is the signup cost which as a rule of thumb is always cheap; for customer attraction purposes. The second component is the renewal pricing. Most providers offer higher renewal hosting prices. When choosing a shared service provider one needs to pay attention at the renewal cost because it is a cost that one will be expected to fork out periodically and could easily beat the sense of hosting your site if it turns out to be too expensive.

3. Terms and Conditions

Most people rarely read the terms and conditions (TOCs) of services. However, as regards the choice of hosting services it is important to read the TOCs. In reading the terms and conditions you will understand the rules appertaining to the use of service. Shared service providers are famed for their rapid suspension of service in case of breach of rules. Thus, you want to always be in their good books. Some of the points to note are their rules on the use of CPU and bandwidth allocations. On the same note, providers with high restrictive rules should be avoided.

4. Server backup

As far as servers are concerned the possibility of breakdowns always has to be on the mind of a user. In tandem with the issue of breakdown is the issue of backup. As you enroll for that service it is important to scan for the availability of a backup plan. This will help reduce the problem of lack of access to one’s data in case of data breach and virus attack on the primary server.

5. Customer service

Just as in any other service industry customer service availability and speed of problem resolution is also key. Before enrolling for that service, visit various review websites as well as online discussion forums to get customer views on the customer service record of the service provider. If the reviews indicate a poor customer service provision dump the idea of enrollment and search for another provider.

6. Reliability and efficiency

The most crucial facet of service provision is the reliability and efficiency of the host. Reliability refers to the hosting service uptime periods. You definitely do not want a service that keeps giving a ‘404 Server unavailable’ error anytime someone clicks the link to your site. Hence, it is important to choose a good service provider. Additionally, as regards efficiency you need a service that is effective in the provision of access speeds. The accepted optimal speed is a load speed of about 2 seconds and that is what you should choose. At the same time ensuring that you also get sufficient storage space is also an essential aspect in choosing a good service provider.

Final words

There are numerous best shared hosting provider s out there. However, before settling on the one you can always review the offerings versus your needs. Asking around is a good start. Benchmarked services offer confidence and in most cases can be trusted to cater for your needs adequately.