Five Things To Look For in Choosing the best VPS Hosting Provider

Introduction to hosting services and the best VPS Hosting Provider.

Hosting is not a big issue as you start on your website. However, as the number of visits improve and your needs grow you might find yourself in need of a better service. The best options available are dedicated and virtual private server hosting (VPS) options. But what exactly is the difference? The whole difference is more on performance and access to the server.

Best VPS Hosting Provider

best vps hosting providerTo begin with, the shared hosting refers to a hosting service where your site is hosted together with other sites in a singles server with shared resources. Dedicated hosting refers a system of hosting where you are granted access to a whole server for your own use. The management of the server, the choice of operating system and the security controls are left at your disposal. This is a good option for experienced techies because it grants you self-control and better resources, leading to excellent performance. The last option is the VPS hosting option, which is this article focus.

VPS Hosting: What is it?

VPS hosting is a hosting service that entails sites being hosted on a virtual server in a superior server system. In this case, a physical server is compartmentalized into virtual; servers. Each virtual server is granted its own root access and security is heightened by the use of hypervisors. This ensures that the risk of widespread all-sites outage due to attack or virus infection is minimized. Thus you are able to get almost the same benefits of a dedicated server at a much lesser price.

Things to look out when choosing the best VPS hosting provider.

1. Base Operating system choice

Considering that in VPS, the sites are still housed on a single server most often the operating system will always come bundled up with the service. The choice of the operating systems is Windows or Linux. Linux OS servers are easy to access due to their open source nature. As a result, Linux is less costly. Windows OS on the other hand offers more features that assist in improving the one’s site efficiency. Therefore for basic site hosting Linux is cheaper better option and a better option than Windows based servers. For heavier use choosing a windows based option is better.

2. Cost

The main reason why most people do not choose dedicated service is he price. It thus would make sense to choose a cheaper option relative to the VPS hosting provider’s offerings. In looking at the cost one has to take note of all the other aspects related to the hosting services such as security, the configuration and the performance. Some hosts will offer cheap services with stripped down offerings which are just points above shared hosting services. It is best to avoid such VPS hosting providers.

3. Managed vs. Unmanaged service

Managed service refers to a system here the host provider manages the nitty-gritty on behalf of site owners. Some of the features that they help manage are the security controls and the performance levels. The unmanaged service, recommended for experienced site holders, has the service provider cede full control of the virtual server to the owner. For newbies or unexperienced minds the managed system which may be a little costlier is a good choice.

4. Server configuration and performance

Virtual server are supposed to give the user a higher standard of performance Therefore before picking up the best VPS hosting provider it is important to check on how well their plans are in terms of performance. The first bit, performance is the dedicated storage space allotted to the virtual server. The second option is the RAM available to the user. You are better off going for a high storage and RAM especially if your needs are critical. Additionally you need to check on the provision of redundancy plans which ensure that incase of widespread server outage there is a backup plan to reduce on site downtime.

5. Customer service

It is important to note that just like almost all other technologies hosting services are not foolproof. Therefore when choosing the best VPS hosting provider it is crucial to choose a service provider with a good customer service track record. You do not want to have to do multiple emails and calls to have trivial issues sorted out. It should not only be about promises, but immediate action on problems is a necessity. After all the service is paid for.

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