Bulletproof hosting: What you need to know and what to watch out

Bulletproof hosting! That malware that hit your computer? Where did it come from? The bots that led to the DDOS attack that shut down your company’s servers; where were they controlled from? That is where another level hosting, bulletproof hosting, comes into play. Under normal circumstances hosting providers provide a very strict code for the use of their services. Most of them have a list of content that one cannot store or transmit using their services. These include botnet controller codes, malware as well as spams and phishing websites.

Bulletproof Hosting

Nonetheless, bulletproof hosting providers are much more permissive in their service. This therefore makes their services attractive for users with less legal intentions. Otherwise referred to by their acronym BHPS, these service providers create a safe ground for the following services;

• Botnet controllers
• Malware storage and deployment
• Illegal online gambling
• Darkweb sites and resource storage
• Illegal pornography
• Anti-governments propaganda
• Secret data storage points

The good: What do BHPS offer?

Anonymity and privacy

This had to be the first points we would point out. Why not? The main reason why one would seek such a service is to retain anonymity. BHPS allow you the chance to carry on with your business without trying to question what your business really is. This is not only important for criminal minds but may also be beneficial for legit businesses. On the assumption that you are carrying out test that you would not like your competitors to get their hands on. You can just store them on the last servers anyone would think of going to search for. Additionally when signing up there, most bulletproof hosting providers do not ask for many details. Payment too is mostly anonymous with most allowing payment by use cryptocurrencies.


Most of the service providers have a strong affinity to security on various fronts. Most of them keep their services anonymous and their clientele lists even more private. If anything some have chosen to voluntarily close business rather than cooperate with legal entities. Most of their servers are also located in countries where it would take lots of effort for an outsider to try and physically access them. Bulletproof hosting service providers also have a penchant for offering extra services to ward off attacks on their clients through DDOS protection and VPN services.

The bad: Downsides of BHPS


It goes without saying that for the extra freedom, their services would be more expensive. If there is no heightened services one may need to stick to the other hosting services. The fact that they offer their services to criminals also makes sure that their services are always on high demand so their services have a price justification.Location As mentioned earlier, most of the servers are held in far flung countries for security reasons. Whereas this is a plus to the company, should they close it poses a problem to the client. Acquiring your data back upon server shutdown may prove challenging. At the same time hosting your website on some of them might be counteractive especially as regards speed. To protect themselves, some of the servers are stored in far-flung countries with lackluster internet speeds. This ends up being passed on to the end user in the form of poor load speed and lags.

Hazy structures

For security reasons some BHPS do not have a clear structure as you would find in a normal hosting provider. This therefore proves a challenge when you try to follow up in case of a major complaint. In addition you can never verify their back up plans. It is not easy for most of them divulge such information.


Assuming that you run a legitimate business, using such a service presents a reputational challenge. Should it get out to your clients that you are using such a service it might lead to some of them doubting your service. So if you getting your legit business the BHPS way you better think twice.

Factors to consider before getting bulletproof hosting providers


The first thing you need to look at are the different plans on offer amongst the different providers. The key details to look at when comparing plans should be the storage capacity and the RAM on offer. There are additional particulars such as DDOS protection and VPN service that are also crucial especially if you fear tracking and disruption of service. After considering all the details mentioned you need to compare the plan prices vis-à-vis the service provided.


In a world where attention span wanes fast you might need to consider the speed your service provider offers. If the service is slow the service might not be useful after all. Consider the fact that if you are using bulletproof hosting you do not want to leak data due to slow upload and download speeds. At the same time you also want to be able to have access to all your data at a moment’s notice should there be need to migrate. With some BHPS using servers stored in countries with slower networks speeds this is a point you cannot overlook.

Terms of Services

Terms and conditions are critical in forming a good relationship with your service provider. Just because the bulletproof hosting is termed as ‘lenient’ does not mean that all providers accept all manner of contents. Therefore, one is advised to read the TOSs and understand what is permitted and what is not. For instance, quite a number of the top providers do not allow the use of their servers to store underage pornographic material. Moreover, you may need to read the terms to see what happens in case of closure of the service. How do you get your data back?

Customer service

Was there mention of a hazy service? Still, the providers have customer service options which differ from provider to provider. You might want to choose a provider who has a reliable looking customer service option. It is even better if there is a 24/7 chat option. This ensures that you will be able to talk to the provider anytime there is a problem. It is important to remember that there is no foolproof hosting service provider.


Part of the reason you choose to use this service is because you do not want anyone tracking the use of the service back to you. It therefore makes lots of sense to exclude the payment of such a service from your bank statements. Yet payment by cash is not possible. Hazy, remember? This is where the use of cryptocurrencies comes in handy. Most of these services have the options of paying via the use of Bitcoins and Ether. This helps create a level of anonymity since such transaction do not allow wallet trace backs. Some providers, however, do not offer the option to pay via the use of cryptocurrencies. For such weigh the risk, options and service provided.

Whatever the reason you need a bulletproof hosting service, there are a good number out there. Some are quite open in advertising their services. On the other hand, there are others that are quite mundane in giving out the details about their services. All it takes is a bit of homework using some of the parameters provided above. Finally, when it comes to such a service you can never let your gut be your only guide.