4 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing A Web Hosting Service

Your choice of a web hosting service is vital to the success of your online  business, your web development company or even to your outsourced development. A poor web host can slow your website down, cause downtime and cause a poor customer experience. Mistakes to avoid when choosing a web hosting service are:

  1. Using a free hosting service: Choosing a free host can cause issues for you in the long run. When you use a free web hosting service your host may place 3rd party advertisement on your website, your website might experience slow loading speed, you can’t run certain scripts, you will be unable to scale your website and your search engine optimization will be low. Search engines do not like websites hosted on free hosting services as they are unreliable when it comes to speed, availability and uptime. In free hosting services there are likely pop-up ads, banners and the web hosting service can disappear at any time or be affected by downtime. Free hosting services offer minimal support and no advance features such as free databases. You may also lose credibility if you use a free hosting service. Free hosting service like WordPress can place ads on your website. You will not have full control of your website if you use a free web host.
  2. Using the wrong hosting package: When you have already chosen your hosting service a mistake you can make is to use the wrong web hosting package. The two types of hosting packages are shared or Virtual Private Server (VPS). If your website is small then shared hosting is the right choice and if your website gets lots of traffic then you have to use VPS. Know the features you need before you choose a hosting package.

Do not buy a web hosting package based on price. A cheap web hosting package might not have an SSL certificate, email support, domain privacy and other features and do not buy a dedicated hosting service if you have a small website.

  1. Not researching restrictions: Do not be deceived by terms like “unlimited” and “free” when choosing a web hosting service. Unlimited bandwidth and storage does not exist. According to Jerry Low, “In reality, unlimited hosting is, always, limited.”Restrictions to web hosting service include the inability to add statistics to your account, being unable to install new software, no SSH and no maintenance of multiple POP accounts.
  2. Customer service: A web hosting service with a poor customer service will make you struggle through problems you might encounter. Before signing up with a web hosting service make sure you test their customer service. Ask questions whose answers you do not see on their website. Test all contact options such as phone, email and live chats of the web host. You can also read reviews and know what customers say about the web host customer service. Check how long it takes for the customer service to respond to complaints. According to Blenda Panin, “If their agents sound like they can’t even understand basic English and are unskilled in dealing with any technical inquiries, avoid this host. They will just cause you big headaches if something goes wrong down the road. You have to do research before you choose a web hosting service. You should read web hosting reviews and find out about customer service complaints, security problem complaints, complaints about downtime and complaints about slow loading speed. Read the reviews of users who have first hand experience with the hosting service you are researching.