How To Encyrpt Data In Cloud?

Cloud makes it possible for an authorized user anywhere with internet connection, to access and retrieve data.  Sadly not all cloud services provide security options like data encryption. Data encryption helps keep the files private; it controls access settings on the quantity of data open for unauthorized or public access.

Data encryption in cloud is the course of transforming or encoding data prior to moving it to storage in the Cloud (Cloud storage). By this definition data can be translated into a code that can be accessed (deciphered) by only those who have the decryption key. There are methods a user can take to secure data on cloud through encryption. Here they are;

  1. Data Encryption Before Upload

This can be done with the aid of tools like the Microsoft’s Office 365 message encryption service which automatically encrypts data before uploading. An alternative method is to use third party encryption software like Boxcryptor for this purpose. Encrypting files before upload adds a layer of protection ensuring access be granted to individuals with the decryption key.

  1. Using Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud access security broker is software service or tool that acts as gatekeeper which enables an organization say, Website Development Company using WordPress Development or other platforms combat cloud security challenges and risks. In order for asymmetric keys to be controlled and data to be encrypted or through a cloud access security broker (CASB). What the cloud access security broker does is to offer only a single point of visibility and a good control of access into any cloud app of your choice. The cloud access security broker is a mediator for connections between the public (through quite a lot of proxies) and API connectors. Netskope and Skyhigh networks are the vendors available in the cloud access security space.

  1. Using Cloud Cryptography to Secure Access.

Another way to protect your cloud computing architecture is Cloud cryptography. Cloud cryptography offers protection to data that can be stored or used in the cloud. With this method users can access shared cloud services securely as any data that is hosted by cloud cryptography is protected with encryption. Users of this service obtain a specific ID with a private and public key pair through private key management system. Therefore the benefits of cloud computing cannot be over emphasized.

  1. Through Zero knowledge encryption

Encryption is necessary in when sharing files in a corporate environment. Zero knowledge encryption offers the service of your files being encrypted before leaving your device (via intranet) or office environment (internet) and cannot be decrypted again until they are downloaded from the cloud.  Zero knowledge cloud encryption top the rankings of best cloud storage, this method is so secure even cloud providers can’t access these files without authorization

  1. Using Boxcrytor to Encrypt

Boxcryptor incorporates with more than 20 different cloud storage providers like Googledrive, Onedrive, Amazon drive, Egnyte connect and Dropbox. Below is how to use Boxcryptor service which may be  applied to other encryption platforms.To use this method, follow the following steps.

  • Signup and Install Boxcryptor

Visit here to create an account. As soon as you sign up, download and install Boxcryptor application. Boxcrptor offers so many features with guiding tutorials that illustrates how to use their various services. When Boxcryptor is used for non-commercial purposes, the user gets a free account that can be used to incorporate a Cloud storage service. Commercial use or when a user wishes to integrate with unlimited number of cloud storage services, attracts a subscription fee.

  • Connect Boxcryptor to Cloud

Boxcryptor can be accessed through a virtual drive it generates on the installed computer that can be accessed via file system (simply right-clicking on the Boxcryptor taskbar icon and clicking on “open”). All the cloud service management can be accessed by combining those services and Boxcryptor by configuring the “settings” option on the taskbar, it creates a connection between supported cloud storage.

  • Boxcryptor Encryption of Files

Encryption of files and folder before they are sent should be done manually by clicking on the desired item and selecting the Boxcryptor option and then “encrypt” button which will shield the selected file in the cloud environment until it is required for selective decryption. Also, multiple files can be habitually safeguarded by generating individual encryption folder on your cloud account hence files that you want to encrypt can simply be transferred to this exceptional folder. This is necessary since the encryption of numerous singular files can be exhaustively stressful, time consuming and prone to mistake.