Difference between VPS and Dedicated Server: How do you choose?

If your website or blog needs dedicated resources then first you must understand difference between vps and dedicated server before upgrading your host.
Businesses are finding new ways to cut costs and increase competition. Virtual Private serves are known to offer a cheap solution. The user dos not need to buy a server or incur management costs. However, in VPS hosting, the user is simply sharing resources with other users hosted on one server. The Dedicated server is owned by the user. The owner does not need to worry about other root users. There is a lot of security since the user is the only one who can access the server. Therefore, it offers a lot of protection against malware.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private server or a cloud server is a cost-effective computing model for small businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure. They run on a machine located in a shared environment. The customer can get full control of the server through root access. They can be able to run or install customized software or applications as per their specific needs. The performance of the websites running on the specified server are insulated from other websites. They provide a better performance and websites tend to load faster.


No need to buy the physical server, no maintenance costs, provides a flexibility in terms of amount of resources, no extra payments


Requires individual hardware, restricted control, no sense of ownership

Dedicated Server

This is an ideal computing solution for medium businesses that have outgrown a VPS server. They provide the user with full control over their server for its use. The user can choose the type of operating system or compatible software of choice appropriate to their business. Dedicated server hosting provides unlimited resources to the user in terms of bandwidth and disk space.


Provides hardware, provides a choice between managed and unmanaged server, more secure


More expensive


Difference between Virtual Private Server and Dedicated server

Unlike VPS, for the dedicated server user needs to buy and rent the physical server. The user also incurs costs of management and maintenance. They are always housed in data centers, similar to collocation facilities. Here, they are provided with HVAC systems and power sources. In contrast to collocation, the server is owned by the provider while providing support to user’s operating system or application. It provides a choice of managed and unmanaged dedicated server to the user. The VPS hardware is collocated whereas Dedicated serves` hardware is owned by the provider as they provide support. Unlike VPS, the dedicated server allows the user to use a managed or unmanaged dedicated server. VPS servers are cheaper compared to dedicated servers. With VPS servers, the user does not need to buy any physical server or incur any costs of managing or maintaining their server. VPS servers allow the user to pay as much as they use on a monthly basis. VPS servers provide the user with flexibility of increasing or decreasing their resources depending on actual demand.

The selection of the right server is a crucial business decision. The choice between Virtual Private Server and Dedicated server is dependent on the business goals, current requirements, growth objectives and future strategies.