Top 5 DMCA Ignored Web Hosting Providers

If you are trying to host copyright content and always get banned by your web hosting provider then you should look into DMCA ignored hosting service. For this lets first try to understand what exactly is DMCA.

What is DMCA?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US copyright law that provides for global intellectual property. It protects the two treaties of World Intellectual Property Organization. This law prohibits production and dissemination of services, technology or devices without acquiring copyrights. It criminalizes the act of sidestepping access control, whether or not there is violation of copyright. DMCA also increases the penalties of copyright violation on the internet. Its extension into copyright serves as immunity from direct and indirect liability of online service providers for copyright infringement by their users. DMCA can be very hard to grasp. This opens doors for exploitation in order to bring down legitimate websites. It is recommended to avoid hosting companies that ignore all or part of DMCA infringement complaints.

Ignoring Invalid DMCA Complaints

This copyright war is growing tremendously. There are hundreds of thousands of emails sent every day. DMCA sends a formal letter to sites that show copyrighted content and sidestep in access control. It demands specific pages or the whole website to be taken down. Being and American copyright law, most offshore hosting companies don’t have to comply with DMCA. The best countries for DMCA ignored hosting include Bulgaria, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Iceland, Norway and some Asian countries. However, not all web hosting providers in these countries ignore DMCA complains. It is recommended to use a service provider who abides by the DMCA law.
It is hard to differentiate complaints that are real and those that are simply trying to exploit hosting companies. Exploitive complaints comprise reporting of legitimate content as one that violates copyright laws. There are many things that offshore hosting companies can do to protect customer rights. These companies employ techniques of ensuring only legitimate and valid complaints are handled. They help to ensure all illegitimate complaints are ignored.
One of the techniques is to ensure that all DMCA complaints are submitted via registered email. All complaints that are not submitted via postal email are ignored. This helps to reduce number of empty threats and misconduct. They also demand a detailed proof of DMCA violations. This is to ensure that the reporting party is acting within the law. These companies stand up for the rights of their customers. They also have lawyers meant to defend customers against invalid complaints.
Your website will not be suspended immediately a complaint is received via the email. Instead, they contact you directly and request your opinion about the complaint. Most of these offshore hosting companies go an extra mile to demand alternative reports from the source of the complaint. Make sure you choose a site which abides by the DMCA laws. This protects you from individuals who try to abuse the law. This technique has been used to destroy competitive websites. Good hosting companies ensure copyright laws are handled fairly.


DMCA law criminalizes internet services that circumvent controlled access to copyrighted work. Authorities send reports that complain about infringement of copyright laws. They usually demand hosting companies to take down pages or websites that have broken the law. This law is hard to grasp among hosting companies and website owners. Therefore, rival companies use invalid complaints to get rid of their competitors. However, there are few offshore companies that abide with copyright laws. They ensure that all complaints forwarded are legit. Measures include post emails, lawyers and request of alternative reports from the complaint sender. They also consult their customers before taking any action.

Top 5 DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers.

Below is the list of Top 5 DMCA ignored hosting providers which we found reliable. These web hosting provider also allow Adult hosting on their servers.

1. BlueAngelHost.Com

blueangelhost review
BlueAngelHost specialized for DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) ignored hosting with guaranteed DDoS protection of up to 200GBPS of layer3,4 and 7 attacks for all websites hosted on their servers. Fastest web site performance with Litespeed web server instead of casual Apache servers, while maintaining ease of use with domain management through cPanel. We recommend BlueAngel Host for file sharing websites, movie websites, warez, streaming servers, VPNs, & seed boxes. BlueAngel Host provides shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans with DMCA ignored hosting terms of service.


abelohost review

AbeloHost started offering hosting services from 2012. They are operating from Netherlands and offering Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers. Their SSD powered shared hosting is starting from €3.99 per month and SSD powered VPS starting from €7.49 per month. They also offer Anti DDOS protection for €50/month per site.

3. Host.Ag
Host.Ag is a cheap dedicated hosting provider who is specialized in providing DMCA ignored hosting. They have private servers in Bulgaria and Netherlands Data Centers. They offer multiple dedicated server solutions for different kind of environment. Offering high quality hardware by DELL and perfect connectivity to EU.
Phone support, live chat, ticket support.
3 days Money back guarantee.

4. Hostkey.Com

Hostkey is another dmca ignored dedicated server provider who are offering service since 2007. They have data center in Russia and Netherlands. Hostkey also offer colocation services and leasing of other equipment. Offering wide range of servers and OS for any kind of hosting environment.



CCIHosting was establised in 2002 in Panama. They completely ignore complains from USA and they reply only to Panamanian law. They have perfect connectivity to US. Their cPanel based shared hosting costs $6 per month and Linux VPS for $15 per month. This is expensive but its normal for a Panamanian hosting provider