Free Web Hosting, What You Need To Know About It

As the name suggests, Free Web Hosting does not require the website owner to pay any monthly or yearly fees to the hosting provider. These plans are meant for people who want to put up a website as a hobby. Free hosting is a good option for setting up websites for testing purpose. However, if you are serious with your online ventures then I strongly advice you not to go for free web hosting. This is because these plans come with a number of hidden conditions and restrictions. For instance, it may require you to display certain banners and ads on your websites. Read this post for more information regarding pros and cons of free hosting.

free web hosting vs paid web hosting

If we compare free and paid hosting, the most important difference is the price. A webmaster does not need to spend any money for free hosting. On the other hand, if he goes with the paid option, he will have to monthly fees. For instance, shared hosting plans from different providers are available for about $2-$10 per month. In case, your website is getting huge traffic, you will have to take VPS hosting or dedicated server plans which will cost much more.
Thus, it is an ideal option for beginners. For example if you want to learn blogging and you need to test certain online idea, you can use free hosting in the beginning. Once, you start getting good results , you can migrate your website to paid option. If we compare reliability, paid hosting is much more reliable. Your hosting provider will ensure that your website is up and running. On the other hand, in case of free hosting, you may experience frequent downtime.


Free hosting is best for online experiments. For instance, if you are new to affiliate marketing, you will have to test different strategies on the website. If you start doing these experiments on a website with paid hosting, you may loose a lot of money. On the other, even if the experiments do not go the right way with free hosting website, you can start again without any monetary loss.


One of the most common mistakes that people do is going for free web hosting plans for their business website. The word free is no doubt tempting, but it comes with a lot of headache for the website owner. If you are serious with your business, you need to spend money on hosting. If you are not able to make up your mind on spending few dollars for hosting, it’s better to quit the idea of going online. Free web hosting companies have extensions at last that make your website URL look unprofessional. Another disadvantage is that these free packages come with a number of hidden conditions and features. For instance, it may require you to display certain ads on the website. These ads and pop ups can irritate your visitors giving a negative impression about your business.