Google Domains Review, A Brief Overview Of Google Domains

Google Domains is a subsidiary of Google Inc. that works as a domain registrar. Rolling out of this service began back in 2014 and as of 2017, it is still in its beta phase. Some of the points to keep in mind before we begin our Google Domains review are:

Google Domains Review, Pointers:

• Unfortunately, the Google Domains service is not available worldwide, you can only buy a domain if you have a billing address in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada or India.

• Although you require a billing address in the above-listed countries to purchase a domain, you’re free to manage existing domains from anywhere in the world.

• Google Domains is only concerned with domain registration. They allow you registration and management of domains. Complementary services like hosting are not provided by them.

• A domain is like an empty plot of land, you still need to build stuff on it yourself. So if you plan on setting up a website, you will have to sign up for website building services or hosting services.

So without further ado, let us start our Google Domains review.

Now let us take a look at the pros of the Google Domains service

1. Plain User Interface And Backend

• Google Domains fulfill their promise of being transparent and simple and it won’t take you long to realize this after seeing their homepage.

• The homepage is so minimalist that it is pretty much empty. The layout has no advertisements and no visual clutter at all. It is honestly very refreshing when compared to the user interfaces of other domain registrars and hosting companies.

• You won’t see any retargeting striking ads after leaving the website. Only classy reminder ads will be displayed.

• When your domain needs pointing to a website builder or host, the options to do so are all in one place. There are literally only three options on the sidebar.

• Google Domain’s interface is definitely a pro for it. It is a fresh breath of air in this industry where small scale entrepreneurs have to deal with confusing backends, up-sells and pop-ups.

2. Google’s Brand Value

• One of the deciding factors in our Google Domains review.

• If you purchase a domain from Google Domains, you can be rest assured that the service you will get is backed up by one of the biggest and most recognized brands in the world.

• The fact that your domain is being hosted on the same servers on which Google hosts their own domains is pretty reassuring.

• Google DNS servers have been serving as the backbone of the Internet for quite some time and handle millions of request every day.

• The domains can be set up with other Google-provided services like Google Analytics.

3. A Wide Range of Web Hosting Partners

• Although Google Domains do not provide hosting services themselves, they have partnered with some of the most well-known web hosting providers. This allows linking of your domains with these services seamlessly and effortlessly.

• Some of these third-party web hosting providers include Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, WordPress and Weebly.

• One of the best features of Google Domains is you’re not necessarily limited to the above listed hosting providers. Google Domains provides you with options to connect to cheap web hosting providers which are not natively supported. Your domain can even be forwarded to your current website!

• This goes without saying but hosting via a third party hosting provider will cost you some extra money in form of hosting fees.

4. Hosting Applications On The Google App Engine

• If you are a developer and would like to use your developed application on your website, Google Domains could be the way to go.

• “Why?” you may ask. It is because these domains can be connected to the Google App Engine, which can be described as their in-house app hosting platform.

• Google uses their own infrastructure to run these apps which you can be assured will be supported and maintained effectively.

• The most attractive thing about Google App Engine platform is its pricing model. You pay according to your usage and not by time period like monthly/yearly. If your app doesn’t have many users, you may very well use this service for free! There are no upfront, termination or setup costs involved.

Some of the cons of Google Domains include

1. Higher Cost Of Maintenance

• One of the deciding factors in our Google Domains review is the pricing.

• Let me say this straight, getting a domain via Google Domains is not cheap. You will be charged $12 per year for a .com domain.

• Also, Google Domains does not provide any concession if you decide to buy a domain for multiple years in advance. For example, if you get a .com domain registered for 6 years, you will still have to pay $12 per year. Other registrars provide this concession.

• Other registrars also provide web hosting services at a discounted price in the 1st year of registration.

• This is not the case with Google Domains. If you purchase a domain from Google Domains, separate payments will need to be made for hosting your app on the Google App Engine.

2. Limited Covered Countries

• As previously mentioned, Google Domains only allow buying a domain if you have a billing address in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada or India.

• If you don’t live in the above-listed countries, then bad luck, you won’t be able to register a domain.

• This doesn’t rule out the possibility of Google Domains providing their services in other countries. Considering the size of Google, it will very well happen in future.

• But this won’t (if it happens at all) happen in the near future. If you are looking for a domain right now and don’t have a billing address in the supported countries, it would be best to take advantage of other domain registrar services.


Although this service has been in beta for two years, you should be rest assured that it is not going away anytime soon. So if you are looking for a high-quality domain registrar, Google Domains just might be right up your alley. If you do decide to go with a domain from Google Domains, you can be rest assured of the Infrastructure.

Yes it is true that Google Domains will cost a bit more than other domain registrars. But the quality of service from Google will be more than enough to recoup the costs. It is always better to pay a bit more for better service than save a few bucks and have a headache every day.

This concludes our Google Domains review. Have any questions in mind? Be Sure to leave a comment down below!