How to Become A Product Reviewer? Everything You Need To Know

Giving Product reviews is a great way to make some extra money. You get to test and keep free products and get paid for it! The best part is that you get to do it in the comfort of your home making it great for stay at home moms. So how do you get started? Here is a simple guide that will teach you how to become a product reviewer and start earning some extra cash.

How to Become A Product Reviewer

A simple guide on how to become a product reviewer through social media

If you are an influencer either through a blog or social media you can review the products directly to your followers. This will ultimately make you more money seeing that you will directly be marketing the product to its consumers. To launch a successful product review career through social media you should:

1. Select a Niche You Will Cover through Your Blog or Social Media Account

It is important to specialize in a specific area. This will help you target a specific segment of consumers hence making you relevant to the brands they consume. When selecting a niche you should make sure that it will give you a big enough audience. For example if you choose to talk about natural body care products you will be able to target a larger audience than if you write about natural hair care solutions only. The information you give should also be useful to your audience.

2. Create a following and become an influencer

The next step is to grow your fan base. Companies will only pay you to talk about their products if you have a big enough audience. An audience that trusts you that is. For that reason you must keep away from bad publicity!

3. Getting the Sponsors to Come On Board

While a lot of times bloggers get approached by companies with offers for reviews this will only happen when you have already made it. Before then you will need to follow these companies and make as many pitches as possible to land the deals you want.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts when pitching to a potential client:

  • Do: Make sure that your followers are part of their target market
  • Do: Show them how your blog will add value to their brand
  • Do: Make as many pitches as possible

*Don’t: Under sell yourself by accepting low offers or payment in terms of product samples, unless they are something really worthwhile like a car or vacation. Even them make sure you negotiate for financial remuneration if they plan to have a long term relationship with your brand.

4. Give Honest reviews

You audience trusts you to tell them the truth. Make sure to do just that. You should however make sure that you give your negative feedback in a professional manner without damaging the brand. When you give negative feedback you should tell your readers/viewers what the company is doing to fix it. One last point, don’t review a product that you genuinely believe is awful. Just decline the offer. Giving a false review is a sure way to ruining your reputation and losing your followers.

5. Make follow ups

Update your content every time a product you reviewed in the past makes some changes. This shows that you are not only relevant but also keenly interested in your followers’ well being.

How to become a product reviewer without having a blog

If you are not ready to make the big leap into online influencing then this is a good option for you. You may not make as much as much as a blogger but you will still earn a considerable amount of cash. We will show you how to become a product reviewer privately .This typically entails testing free samples from companies and giving them your feedback on the product’s performance. Here is how to go about it:

1. Sign up with product testing companies

It is advisable to sign up with us many legitimate product testing companies as possible. These will increase your chances of being chosen to review a product as well as the number of products you can get to review at a go. Quantity is everything here. Here is a list of some good product testing sites: Product Report Card, One Opinion Panel, Survey Junkie, Toluna Panel and Earning Station. You will find many more if do some research.

2. Take part in the screening survey

These sites will ask you to fill out simple surveys that help them determine whether you represent their targeted consumer. For example if they are looking to test a new brand of steak you will not get the job if you are a vegetarian. So it is important to fill out as many of these as possible to find products that you are a match for.

3. Receive the products

If you qualify for the survey they will send you the products via mail. After that you just start using them to see how well they work.

4. Give your feedback

Most companies will send you a form via email where you can give your feedback. Here you should give honest feedback about your experience about the product. This will help them know if the product is ready for the market or if it still needs some adjustment.

It has been great sharing this information with you. Now that you know how to become a product reviewer and a successful one at that, stop hesitating and get on with it! It becomes much easier once you start.