Plesk Vs Cpanel: The Battle for Web Hosting Control Panel Greatness

Managing your site is easy. Yes, you read it right; it is just a piece of cake – if you have the best software by your side. On situations like you wanted to access features that you could not do through CMS or Content Management System, it can all be accessible with a web hosting control panel. The Plesk and cPanel are known and trusted in the web hosting industry. Both of them have the options and features for your server. Plesk or cPanel? Well, it is your task to find out. Get ready for Plesk vs cPanel battle.
Don’t worry, we will guide you in your decision making as we will give you their features. Ready?
Plesk Vs Cpanel

Admin Panels

Plesk enables you to maintain and configure Linux or Windows servers. It has single login for both users and administrators.
In cPanel, it has two systems, the WHM or Web Host Manager is for the server administrator and the cPanel side is for you, the website owner. These two systems are linked but they have separate interfaces and logins.
Remember, we are just with the first feature but you can already see the big difference between Plesk vs cPanel. It is too early to get decided, continue reading to find out more.

Windows Support

Plesk is compatible with Linux and Windows, making it more flexible to use. It also provides a strong integration with Microsoft SQL Server. To add, it is easy to use and has detailed support requests.
In cPanel, it loads quickly and is compatible with the operating systems of RedHat, CentOS and Linux. However, it is not suited with Windows.

User Interface

In cPanel, it has the “friendlier interface” since more of its users are comfortable in using it. You may not know it but because of its popularity, who knows that the custom control panel that you are using is cPanel? It combines functions into high level groups including domains, security, logs, files, mail, preferences, software services and databases.
In Plesk vs cPanel, if cPanel is a user-friendly interface, Plesk has the more attractive and cleaner interface like a WordPress dashboard. Its functions include application and statistics, mail, users, statistical and resource usage, websites and domains.
Plesk vs cPanel on Security
The cPanel security tools include password-protected directories, IP address denials and have automatic SSL certificate installation.
On the other hand, Plesk has active directory integration, has antispam for both inbound and outbound email and fail2ban intrusion prevention.
Their features may be different but you can count on both them when it comes to security.


Plesk has an option called Small Business panel where the price differs depending if you will be getting the user pack or you opt for the unlimited account. The cost ranges from $20 to $70 per month.
For cPanel, it will cost you $425 on its dedicated plan per year, which means it is $20 per month and is good for unlimited use.
Both of them are licensed and are trusted names when it comes to web hosting control panels. They both have dedicated and cloud servers and offer solutions for VPS users. But you may opt to check on their VPS plan whether there is a separate charge your chosen control panel and the hosting subscription fee. For the Plesk vs cPanel cost, would you go for the cheaper at first glance or would you choose the best that is compatible to your server and budget?

Plesk or cPanel: The Comparison

We have already given you the top features for both control panels. You may have noticed that on some of the features, both of them have what it takes for a great control panel for web hosting users. But one of them has a greater edge when it comes to features that you are seeking for a control panel.
The Plesk vs cPanel battle does not end here. It is also important for you to know that you may want to try switching between control panels but, the plan that you have chosen may not want to. Actually, there are a LOT of these plans that would not want you to do it. If you are into shared hosting, you may want to dig more on to it to find. If you are a sole Linux user, then cPanel is the best for you. But for those who can’t choose between Linux and Windows, don’t worry; Plesk is the way to go.
Do you have any points you want to add on Plesk vs cPanel battle of the greatness? Share them to help our friends to choose which of these control panels the best.