A Quick and Awesome Guide to Cheap WordPress Hosting

WordPress is without a doubt the world’s most popular blogging service provider. Its popularity stems from its efficiency and ease of use. For more techno-savvy users, WordPress offers more in-depth tweak functionalities such as CSS scripting, HTML formatting as well XML coding. This makes WordPress effective for personal blogging as well as small business cheap WordPress hosting.

Whereas WordPress provides free hosting, you can enrich your WordPress experience by choosing a cheap secondary host. Reasons to an alternative host range from faster site speed, security, heightened sight customization as well as the ability to handle high traffic.

Let’s move onto the cheap WordPress hosting basics.
Cheap WordPress Hosting

What to look for when choosing a cheap WordPress hosting provider

1. Ability to install WordPress

The WordPress hosting provider should be able to allow for the quick and easy installation of WordPress. In order to ensure that this is possible you can look for the word ‘1 click WordPress, installation’. If the host provider does not provide this functionality you can start thinking of running away from them since it’s necessary for cheap WordPress hosting.

2. Type of hosting

Basically there are three types of hosting available; shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting refers to a type of hosting where your site is bundled up in one server with other sites. Often the cheapest, it provides ground for slow access and may at times be insecure.

VPS hosting is a type of hosting where sites are allocated different virtual server slots on the same physical server. It tends to be much faster and more secure but also more expensive in comparison to shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive of all the hosting methods. This type of hosting involves having your site hosted on its own individual server. It is preferred for sites where commercial transaction pass through.

3. Bandwidth

If you have a simple site with a considerable amount of traffic you need not worry about bandwidth. However, as your site needs and traffic grow this becomes a major concern. In such an instance you should choose a service that has a higher cap. Better yet choose a host that offers unlimited bandwidths.

4. Customer service

If you are looking a cheap WordPress hosting service you have to be ready for a few challenges. As a result ensure that your host offers good customer service. They should be available on call or on chat on a 24/7 basis. Additionally they should be able to act on your problems within the shortest period possible. This is one point you should never relent on.

5. Performance

The hosting service should not create challenges in accessing your site. The speed of accessing your site should not be interrupted due to poor service. The benchmarks access speed should stand at 1.8 seconds. Additionally it should have adequate uptimes of about 99.9%. Anything less than that is problematic

6. Backup plans

A good hosting service should have a good backup plan. Most of the best cheap WordPress hosting providers offer periodic backup to your site. This ensure that should their services be disrupted your site will not suffer from downtime and you won’t lose your data.

7. Adequate payment plans and subscription period

The major reason you are reading this is because you need a reliable WordPress host provider, right? That is why you need to start by looking at the payment plans on offer. Some host have very cheap signup plans but capitalize on high renewal payment plans. As such you should always look at services that are balanced on both ends. Moreover, you should choose a service that has attractive renewal periods. You don’t need to include host subscriptions to your monthly bill if you don’t want to.

8. Personalized domain name and email address.

To have a more professional looking site it is recommended that you have a personalized domain. Currently, almost all good cheap WordPress host providers provide an accompanying email. Some provide more than one personalized email address, which is ideal for small companies.

9. Managed vs. unmanaged hosting

Site management can be a hard task for unskilled hands. Luckily, some hosts are able to provide site management services, usually at an extra cost. This might help you by reducing the time you spend working on ensuring that your site looks attractive, and that the uptime rates are impressive. In addition, some of the hosts provide other services such as SEO enhancement which might help pull traffic to your site.

10. Money-back guarantee

It is not given that you will be satisfied with service of your chosen host. Therefore you should choose a host that allows you to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service within the first few days of use.

Necessary features on an ideal WordPress hosting service

• Impressive uptime periods of not less than 99.9%
• Fast reliable customer service
• Uncapped or unlimited bandwidths
• Open and attractive payment and renewal costs
• Ability to install WordPress without hurdles
• Ability to scale your plan as your needs grow
Now that you are aware of what you need to look out for in a cheap WordPress hosting service you can start fishing for one that suits your needs. There are quite a good number of hosts out there, but the best choice can only be defined by your needs. Meanwhile, you can start by reviewing the following hosts;

  1. BlueAngelHost.com
  2. Hostwinds.com
  3. AbeloHost.com

We wish you success on your homework.